California Trend Alert 2023: Los muebles que están marcando el rumbo del Interiorismo

California Trend Alert 2023: The furniture that is setting the course for Interior Design

My visit by the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles was more than dreamed of.

In addition to seeing in person stores that I had been following for many years and that I always wanted to visit, I was able to experiment with (almost) all my senses the furniture and elements that until before were just a photograph. An experience that I will definitely repeat!

I chose this place for 2 important reasons that I want you to know before reading on:

1. My mission is to let you know and show you that there are endless places and alternatives where you can buy things for your home, not just what is close to you, the world is VERY big and there is a lot hidden there that can inspire you.

2. I want to inspire and motivate you, to find a style that makes sense to you and suits your tastes and what really makes you vibrate, just as you don't invite just anyone to your house, nor do you incorporate any element.

I will always show you and recommend the most appropriate for you.

With this said, I begin by telling you something that caught my attention, and that is that this place, which I thought was only about Design, is also a set of buildings that not only house the best Interior Design stores in Los Angeles, but also Also some of the headquarters of famous firms such as Grindr, A24 (Ex A24 Films) and WeWork, among others, which makes it a nice place to explore its surroundings.

Pacific Design Center Building

JAMES PERSE: Authentic Californian aesthetic

I started my tour in James Perse , with an exhibition of fascinating furniture that captures all the essence of the west coast of the United States, made with treated woods and in a natural state, original and durable furniture is born, perfect for a house on the beach.

This store has only two showrooms in the world and I was in one of them, looking for everything to inspire you!

California beach decoration surfboard minimalist black and white paintingsWooden circle shape shelf Californian beach decoration

James perse natural wood tableblack box terrace wood luxury decoration

Minimalism and a natural aesthetic are two good definitions of this firm. A bit of maximalism? Yes too.

Decorator Tip: Mixing large volume or length items that are all one tone or texture is a great way to create a sleek aesthetic.

SUMMIT: Luxury and Warmth

After leaving with the inspiration already very exalted, I arrived at Summit , a place where everything is still felt he California beach mood .

Its furniture made of teak wood has a design that amplifies spaces, creating a modern and neat atmosphere. This mix makes them an excellent alternative if what you want to achieve is a relaxed and elegant mood.

fabrics for beach decoration

On the right, X500 Lounge Chair, Summit Furniture

Ryan, who attended me, explained to me that their furniture is made with this Indonesian wood and that their fabrics are of high quality and resist the conditions of the different seasons of the year. They are especially for outdoors!

A. RUDIN: Modern Elegant Vibes

Another of the stores that I loved visiting was A. Rudin , his designs timeless are perfect for spaces with a transitional or contemporary style, I was surprised by the creativity put into each piece made by artisans with fine finishes both in textiles as in the structures, a delight to the eye.

Anemone and 8620 coffee tables, A. Rudin

A. Rudin's furniture have an innovative aesthetic, they invite you to imagine that you are living in some great metropolis of the world, and they are a good definition of the new: modern elegant.

These three stores have something in common: they show us that interior design is moving solidly to focus on making the furniture and elements we use to dress our home true pieces of art, consolidating them as protagonists due to their avant-garde and focused shapes and designs. in it comfort .

It was an incredible visit, full of inspiration and emotion. I want to emphasize that an important part of the experience was due to the work of the representatives of each showroom. They were very kind and professional, I am very grateful to them!

Do you want more high luxury ?

I invite you to read the following article on this blog, where I will show you my exclusive tour of Armani Casa , this was one of the places that yes or yes I wanted to visit, I have a lot to show you to inspire you and elevate the style of the spaces you inhabit.

Now tell me Which of these 3 stores has the furniture that you would like to put in your house? I read you in comments 😉

Love, Muriel.

Decorator and Founder The Decor Able Studio.

All pictures were taken by Muriel Farias with the previous permission of each store attendants.
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