Armani Casa: El balance entre exuberancia y sofisticación

Armani Casa: The balance between exuberance and sophistication

The Armani Casa showroom is a tribute to elegance and sophistication,

without a doubt, the concept of the fashion house is also transferred to the line designed for the home, as in its haute couture pieces, these collections are not made to easily go out of style, in fact, they have unique pieces, some of them with only 100 copies worldwide.

Yes, if we talk about Armani, we talk about exclusivity.

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Its furniture made in Italy is an extension of what we can see in the fashion shows, with a unique sample of the highest quality in its materials that can be appreciated at first sight, furniture with mix of metal, painted steel, lacquered wood and high quality technical fabrics, the combination came by tones and textures depending on the collection.

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The aesthetic is simple but elegant,

sober tones for large furniture and touches of color, brightness and textures in decorative elements as complementary, (Learn that trick to decorate your home in an elegant and timeless way).

One of the pieces that impressed me the most was this armchair with a print of leopard , we might think that it is a very bold style, and if I propose it to a client, I will probably get a resounding no, but this is Armani, the one and only thing that does not fit all, and look how well balanced it all looks here.

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I could also see that it is a good example and showcase that we have begun to see it since last year in interior design, since one of the trends of 2023: Maximalism, and one of its keys is to use unconventional elements in spaces, and this fashion house combines it perfectly, placing its pieces in sophisticated, mysterious atmospheres, setting the tone sexy a night on the town.

In addition to aesthetics, design solutions are very well thought out,

I saw it in the desks, which can be perfectly used as a multipurpose element, for a bar, a standing desk or the perfect piece of furniture for a hall.

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But one of my favorites was the dresser antoinette that is sheathed in a single piece and when opened the chair and the mirror unfold, the curved edges give a sensation of softness and fluidity, a highly innovative bet for this type of furniture and its usefulness.

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The tones of the furniture are highly inspired by the most delicate of nature, such as the dresser drawer, in natural mother-of-pearl.

But not only in color but also in organic forms typical of nature, rounded, delicate angles that become an invitation to comfort, It is impressive how this type of furniture shapes have a visual effect that generates a feeling of relaxation in our brain.

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This mushroom-shaped lamp is another of the trends that we are seeing. Did you know that they are the must have in a vintage-style room? Armani Casa proposes it very well for a timeless style.

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With everything seen from this firm, it is not an exaggeration to say that exuberance becomes elegance, and this is a hallmark of the aesthetics of its furniture and elements, or as Giorgio Armani himself has said about some of his most daring collections. "I did it to gratify the eye, to achieve a certain visual pleasure."

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If yours is a timeless and distinguished style, without looking too classic, what Armani Casa gives us is for you, get inspired and elevate the spaces you inhabit!

I came back full of inspiration, ideas and desire to get down to work,

It is incredible what happens in your mind when you see or know something different from what is usually in your environment, your range of options, possibilities opens up. Design is there for that, to present people with solutions that take it out of the ordinary, which is what may be generating a discomfort, and present the options that allow them to evolve from their current state to a better one.

If you are looking to give your home a new look

Remember that you can buy our consultancies, we will advise you from our experience, always looking for the best alternatives for your tastes and budget, find the one that best suits you. right here.

See you in a next article!

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All pictures were taken by Muriel Farias with the previous peremission of Armani Casa LA attendants.
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