5 plantas que purifican el aire de tu casa

5 plants that purify the air in your house

Natural plants have aesthetic characteristics, without a doubt they are a must in any well-decorated space, but interior designers not only use them for this purpose: we know the potential they can have to improve your health.

From helping you improve headaches to muffling noise, tobacco smoke, and existing chemical substances in different household objects, we are unaware of their presence in most of them, but the truth is that they are found in more than we we imagine, carpets, bags, paintings, among others.

This is a selection of plants with the best properties to keep the air we breathe inside the house purified and clean and that can also help you reduce these discomforts and others that we tell you about here:

woman holds pot with dracena plant

Ficus Benjamina woman holds said plant

Woman holding patifilo plant

woman holding philodendron plant

Woman hugging a large sansevieria plant

white orchid receiving sunlight

And you, which one do you have? If you don't have any, get one! You will see how your health benefits and your spaces gain in harmony and beauty.

Images by @unsplash

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